What is Airforce Dental?

​To begin with, the toothbrush does not really help teeth as much as the local ads would like to have us believe. As a matter of fact, toothbrushes can even be harmful to our teeth. They often damage the tooth enamel, cause sensitivity ridges and do not remove the bacteria from between teeth very well at all. There are some very deadly diseases that are linked to our inadequate traditional style of brushing that allows bacteria to proliferate. The bacteria starts growing immediately after tooth brushing and keeps growing to the point that it affects our bodies, lowers our immune system and exacerbates serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, COPD or even cancers. 

This book contains information that is based on scientific dental testing and clinical international medical research. This book not only serves to provide information for immediate use, but goes the extra length to make sure that the reader can do their own personal research if desired and quench their thirst for more knowledge. 

The main objective of the book is to make its readers aware of the pitfalls that traditional tooth brushing can pose. It explains, in detail, how and why brushing can be harmful. Despite being taught to brush our teeth twice a day ever since we were children, this book brings out the hidden truth about tooth brushing. It not only makes us aware of how to defend our body against the harm caused by brushing, it also suggests an alternate way to keep our mouths healthy and clean. It does a wonderful job of guiding us towards the right way of taking care of our mouth. 

With each chapter of the book, one will find new information unfolding in front of them - information that you may never have known or that you never even thought existed. "The Zoo in Your Mouth" chapter tells us about all the bugs our mouth harbors and all the threats that might be present in a dormant state in the mouth. 

There is a chapter on the biofilm ecosystem and most importantly on periodontal disease. Other chapters describe the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic diseases that affect the entire body. The book gives us a very clear idea of all the existing threats to our body as well as to our immune system. 

The book is a life saver. Studies show that tooth brushing can lead to serious abrasions on the tooth enamel. This is not just a statement - there is scientific proof.
​Even though you may brush your teeth diligently and
consistently every day you still have bacteria, viruses, bio-film and even worm-like creatures living in, on, and around your teeth? Between 30 billion and 100 billion "bugs" live in your mouth right this second--even if you just brushed your teeth. They are so resilient that even after a mere three hours from your ordinary brushing and flossing, the organisms can return--causing numerous health problems affecting more than just your mouth. 

These persistent organisms can cause not only periodontal disease, but may also contribute to other health problems including diabetes, heart disease, COPD, arthritis and even many cancers. 

So how can you begin to fight off these organisms taking
over your mouth and health? Brushing, flossing and mouthwash are not enough. One reason is that everyone has different brushing habits and techniques. Some people miss the same spots repeatedly. Some brush  too hard and damage the root structure. Some only spend seconds brushing their teeth, while others take more time to get the job done. Not to mention that the brush you use today is filled with the bacteria you brushed off yesterday! 

All these things add up to lackluster results and a mouth
teeming with bacteria. In addition diet, age and how often you receive professional cleanings play a significant factor in the health of your teeth. 
You'll learn:

· ~ How bacteria, viruses and other organisms grow inside your mouth

· ~ How periodontal disease affects your entire body and immune system

· ~ How periodontal disease relates to heart disease, COPD, diabetes and even cancer

· ~ How pharmaceutical companies make money from your dental issues

· ~ Why two dental visits a year is not enough

Dr. Piero has invented a device call Dental Airforce that is FDA approved for marketing to replace toothbrushing. Click here to visit his website and find out more about this device.
Healthcare has traditionally been blind to dental care. That's why, in the last 5,500 years, there have only been nine significant advances in the personal oral hygiene field. 

Now there is a tenth: Dental Air Force, which has taken one dentist almost two decades to now make available to the public. You can now have the opportunity to achieve a new level of hygiene for yourself and your family with this advanced and proven product. 


"Persistent low grade chronic inflammation as in periodontal infection is a persistent attack of the systemic health of a person through various inflammatory cytokines. Newer generation oral hygiene devices like Dental Air Force Home Dental Cleaning System will be a real GAME CHANGER in achieving optimal oral health and enhancing longevity." 

-Rajiv Saini PhD, MDS, Associate Professor Department of Periodontology & Implantology, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences-Loni Maharashtra, India.

"In his book, Dr. Piero does an excellent job of explaining the groundbreaking research on the connection between oral and systemic health. And best of all, he gives us specific solutions that can be used on day one."
Daniel L. Sindelar, DMD, Co-founder and past president of American Academy for Oral Systemic Health

"I've interviewed hundreds of health care providers and the majority of them all agree, inflammation in the body is the major cause of disease. Dr. Piero's invention to fight inflammation is revolutionary.
Dr. David Friedman, Host of the "To Your Good Health Radio Show" "Chiropractor of the Stars"

"Thanks for the great care you provide. You are saving lives."
Brad Bale MD,Creator of the Bale/Doneen Method Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center 

"It is an honor and pleasure to work with you for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes."
Amy Doneen MD,Creator of the Bale/Doneen Method Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center


I have had multiple people, including a dentist, tell me in the past several years that toothbrushes were evil. This sounded absurd to me after having the idea that I have to brush twice a day ingrained since birth. However, Dr. P Piero does a wonderful job of explaining his research and rationale in his "Never Brush Your Teeth Again!" An oral health guide that could be life-changing to say the least, Piero takes a look at the persistent bacteria that remain even after brushing, what harm they can cause to your mouth and health in general, and what can be done about it. An eye-opening read to say the least that has changed the way that I look at oral hygiene.  ~ Trish

This is an amazing book! I found it to be so informative. Very important book for anyone to read, not just if you have tooth issues. It is a must for anyone's "health" book collection. It goes deeper than just your teeth, its about your health! This book simply has a lot of information for its price. Really worth the investment if only to avoid more trips to the dentist. ~ Charlie

So I downloaded this because I've heard this concept before from others and thought it was nuts until I saw this so I decided to check it out. Turns out my friends were right and I've been doing some serious damage with my tooth brush after going through this. The book does a great job explaining what is in your mouth and exactly how certain habits are causing damage to that. It offers a solution only after explaining everything at the end and I decided to check it out. Really glad I found this because it confirmed so much of what my friends have been telling me that brushing our teeth is not as healthy as we think.  ~ Monica G.
 This little book gives you a massive amount of information 
about every aspect of what is going on inside our mouths.
How to Save Your Teeth and Health!
The six signs that can alert one to periodontal disease are:

 Persistent bad breath

 Red or swollen gums

 Tender or bleeding gums

 Painful chewing

 Sensitive teeth

 Loose teeth